Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Self Storage in Wanaka

What can I store in my unit?

You can store almost anything you like as long as it fits into the storage unit e.g. household furniture and appliances, machinery, vehicles, boxes, construction equipment and materials. For further information view our Storage Tips section on this website.

What can’t I store?

Anything that will damage the storage unit or the floor and any hazardous, illegal, dangerous, explosive, perishable, environmentally harmful, foodstuffs or goods that emit fumes, odour or smell.

No foods or perishable items are be stored that will encourage vermin.

Are my goods insured?

It is your responsibility to insure your goods throughout the terms of the agreement. We as owners of the Three Parks Self Storage facility do not insure your goods nor accept any responsibility for the goods.

When can I get access to my goods?

You can access your goods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using your access FOB tag.

What happens if my access FOB tag is lost, misplaced or it stolen?

If your access FOB tag is stolen you must contact us immediately so we can cancel access to your unit.

If it is lost or misplaced a replacement access FOB tag is available at a cost of $50 and can be obtained during working hours on week days only. You cannot gain access to your unit without an access FOB tag.

How much will it cost to store my goods?

The cost to store goods with us depends on the size of the unit. At Three Parks Storage we have a vast array of different unit sizes would are sure to meet your needs. Having the right size storage unit makes it affordable as you are only paying for the space you need. If you want to know what size and how much it costs go to the Pricing section on the website or simply contact us.

What are the costs and is there a bond?

Your initial cost will be one months storage fee in advance (inclusive of GST) plus a Bond of one months storage fee. The Bond will be refunded upon the return of the access FOB tag and the storage unit presented clean and undamaged at the end of the agreement. If the storage requires cleaning and or repair the cost of this will be taken from the Bond, if the cost of the cleaning and or repair is greater than the bond , this cost will be charged directly to you.

What is the shortest term I can store my goods?

The minimum term for storage rental is one month, there are no part months nor refund of rental for a part month.

How long can I store my goods?

You can store your goods for as many months/years as you like as long as the rental is paid monthly in advance.

The agreement will be extended automatically on a monthly basis once the storage agreement has ended and then we need only 14 days notice to end the agreement.

How do I find out which is the best unit for me?

Contact us directly or use the Size and Space Estimator sections on this website.

How do I sign up for a storage unit?

Once you had determined what size storage unit you want, we meet and complete a Storage Licence Agreement which we both sign then you pay two months rental, one month in advance and one month as the Bond. Once you have paid we will provide an access FOB tag that will give you 24/7 access to your storage unit.

How do I pay?

Our preferred method of payment is via the secure Account Payment facility on our website which accepts credit cards, debit cards and account to account transactions. For your convenience we also accept payments direct into our Bank but unfortunately do not accept cash or cheques. For any questions regarding payments please contact us directly.

How often do I pay for my storage unit?

All rental payments are paid month in advance on or before the commencement date of your agreement, subsequent monthly payments are due on the monthly anniversary of the commencement date.  For any questions regarding payments please contact us directly.

What about ongoing monthly rental payments?

Our recommendation is that you set up monthly automatic payments from your bank account or from your credit card. For your convenience this can be done through the secure Account Payment facility on our website. For any questions regarding payments please contact us directly.

What happens if I accidentally miss a payment?

Each monthly payment is due on or before the anniversary of your commencement date, if a payment is missed it must be paid as soon as possible after that date otherwise as described in the terms of the licence agreement, non payment could result in us denying you access to the storage unit.

How do I store my goods and do I need to protect my goods in storage?

For all the advice needed to learn to store your goods click here for Storage Tips section on this website.

How secure is my storage unit?

The Three Parks Storage facility is a brand new purpose built complex with each unit solid in construction. The facility employs cutting edge security technology including CCTV, electronic security and personalised access FOB tags.

Who has a key to my storage unit?

Only you have the access to your storage unit.

Who has a key to my storage unit?

Only you have the access to your storage unit.

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